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Protecting Your Time With Your Children Is Important

Whether you are divorcing your spouse or ending your relationship with your child’s other parent, you will need to establish a child custody agreement that you will both follow. This can be a difficult process if you and the other parent cannot agree on the parenting plan.

Fortunately, attorney Tracy Cox has the experience to help you establish child-centered parenting plans, visitation and child support. She understands that dividing the time you spend with your children can be painful, but she is here to help you through it and to protect your right to time with your children. With 30 years of experience as a trial lawyer, she has the negotiation and litigation skills to represent your interests and the best interests of your children in Tennessee family law cases. At her firm, Tracy Cox Law, she represents men and women and has experience with fathers’ rights cases as well.

Keeping Everyone Focused On The Best Interests Of The Children

Sometimes, parents have very different ideas about what is best for their children. In some cases, parents refuse to negotiate with each other or participate in custody mediation. When this happens, and an agreement on a parenting plan is not reached, a judge will decide the case for them, allocating the care, custody and control of the children in the way they see fit. Because the judge does not know the family, however, their decision may not be in the children’s best interests.

Tracy knows how to keep the focus of discussions on the children rather than on the issues the parents have with each other. The goal is productive conversations that result in a parenting plan that both parents agree on. Judges typically approve parenting plans as long as they are in the children’s best interests.

Modifications To An Existing Parent Plan

Even the most well-thought-out custody plans may need adjustment in the future. Children’s needs and preferences often change as they get older. Parents’ needs may also change; perhaps they get a new job or want to move to a new city.

Tracy can represent you whether you are the parent requesting or contesting the modification. She will explain your rights and options while keeping the best interests of the children in mind at all times.

Enforcing Orders

Is the other parent no longer following the parenting plan or child support orders? Tracy can help ensure that they get back on track or face the consequences. She can skillfully argue your position before a judge so you and your children can feel secure in knowing that the orders will be followed.

Start Getting Answers About Your Children’s Future

Tracy is available to speak with you at any time of the day or week. You can call her in Chattanooga at 423-443-2968 24 hours a day. Alternatively, you can send an email request to schedule your free consultation.