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Providing The Local, Experienced Family Law Counsel You Need

Born and raised in Chattanooga, attorney Tracy Cox is proud to dedicate her legal practice to helping families in this area find resolutions to their family law concerns. With her experience, she understands the damage that divorce and custody cases can cause. It is her goal to protect your rights and interests as well as those of your children during this challenging time.

In addition to her family law experience, Tracy was the first female lawyer to be appointed as a judge in Signal Mountain, Tennessee. She also served as a special judge in Rhea County. She began her career as a prosecutor handling very serious matters, including child abuse cases. She was also a domestic violence attorney for legal aid and tried restraining order cases in 12 counties. Today, her practice covers divorce and Tennessee family law as well as conservatorship law.

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Tracy Cox

Why Choose A Trial Lawyer?

Tracy’s early experience as a prosecutor meant that she spent considerable time in the courtroom. She is an accomplished trial lawyer who knows how to thoroughly prepare cases for trial and how to identify weaknesses in opponents’ cases.

While you may resolve your family law case through negotiation or mediation, the thorough case preparation that Tracy employs makes for a strong case at any stage of the process. If your case goes to trial, you will have a sharp, experienced trial attorney protecting you in the courtroom.

A Respected Family Law Advocate Who Truly Cares About Clients

Tracy cares about and is ready to learn about your family law needs. Please call Tracy Cox Law at 423-443-2968 or complete a brief online form. Your consultation is free, and you can reach her at any time of the day or night as well as on weekends. If you cannot travel to her office, she can meet where it is convenient for you.