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A Family Law Trial Attorney Prepared To Protect Your Rights

Facing a divorce, custody dispute or any other family law concern can be overwhelming. Do not try to handle this situation by yourself. You need an experienced lawyer on your side as soon as possible.

At Tracy Cox Law in Chattanooga, you will find a trial attorney with 30 years of experience resolving cases in and out of the courtroom. Attorney Tracy Cox will fiercely protect your rights in negotiations and mediation and, when necessary, at trial. Her experience as a prosecutor honed her trial skills, and she uses them today to represent individuals and families in Tennessee family law cases. You can speak with her in a free consultation to learn how she can assist you.

A Practice That Is Dedicated Solely To Family Law

Tracy provides trusted family law counsel, offering clients strategies for their long-term well-being. She can help you look ahead and determine what you will need for your life in the future, whether that includes spousal support, time with your children or child support.

Tracy represents clients contending with nearly any area of family law, including:

Clients rely on her knowledge and compassion as they go through these transitions in their lives. With Tracy’s experienced counsel, people can begin to see a way forward and make informed decisions about their futures.

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Speak with Tracy about your family law matter. She offers a free consultation to discuss your case and is available at any time – days, nights, weekends – to talk. Please call Tracy Cox Law at 423-443-2968 or send her an email.